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Phillips Brilliance 16 CT scanner coupled with our MedRad EnVision CT injector

We have been approved to perform CT scans in patients of all ages from children to adults. We can perform CT scans of any body parts (such as head, chest, abdomen, pelvis, etc). Our CT scanner can handle bariatric patients up to 450 pounds.

We strictly follow protocols approved by the American College of Radiology to minimize the amount of radiation exposure.

Varian Del-Medical x-ray equipment and FUJI FCR XG-1 digital reader

Whether obtaining a chest x-ray, abdominal series or extremity images (hands, arms, shoulders, hips, legs or feet) our equipment renders the cleanest and highest clarity images possible for our team of teleradiologists to read.


CT and X-Ray images are read by a Board Certified Radiologist working off-site and receiving the images via strict HIPPA Compliant protocols.

ACR Accredited Facility


Access your images to share with your medical team. We are able to share access quickly and securely with an email address.


Our commitment to our own CLIA Certified Laboratory is because we believe the more lab studies we are able to perform at our facility, the better we can take care of you.

We have also established relationships with local and national Reference Laboratories in order to quickly send out any tests that we may not be able to perform right here.

COLA Certified Lab
Point of Care Testing

Rapid strep, Mono spot, Influenza, glucose, Urinalysis, Urine HCG (Pregnancy Test), stool for occult blood, etc.

Beckman Coulter Analyzer

Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, MCHC, Platelets, Total WBC, Granulocytes, Lymphs + Monos, etc

Piccolo Analyzer

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
– Electrolytes
– Kidney Function
– Liver Function

Lipid Panel
– Total Cholesterol
– Triglycerides

  Quidel Triage Pro

– Cardiac Panel
– Drug Screening


– Strep
– Influenza
– COVID 19

Abbot ID Now

Molecular PCR
– Influenza
– COVID 19

Seimens DC Pro

– Hemoglobin A1C


We stock a non-dispensing pharmacy that rivals that of many emergency departments around the country.

Non-dispensing means that we do not give out medications like Walgreens or CVS, but we have a huge array of medications to treat many medical conditions. It also means that we can treat you right here, right now … and keep you out of the hospital!

Our in-house pharmacy formulary is very extensive and includes:

Anesthetics, Antibiotics, Allergy/Steroids, Anticoagulants, Anticonvulsants, Cardiac, Endocrine, Gastrointestinal, Immunizations, Pulmonary/Respiratory, Ophthalmic, Skin, and many more.