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Car Accident

Even minor motorized vehicle accidents can produce substantial and lasting injuries. Having prompt and medically appropriate evaluation and care can make the difference between injuries that heal promptly or those that have lasting effects.

Because of our Emergency Care capabilities, we are able to save most people a costly and stressful trip to the Emergency Room after a vehicle accident! Not only do we treat emergencies, but our staff is also very experienced in post-trauma evaluation and care that often is necessary after an accident. We work closely and coordinate the care needed to help you recover as soon as possible!

Many do not know that most primary care providers and specialists do not see vehicle-related injuries in their offices. This often leaves injured persons without the care they need or in the hands of someone who may not have your best interest at heart.

Important Information

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)- Automobile Insurance benefit that covers any medical care needed due to the accident up to a specified amount. This is known as your “PIP Benefit.” In the state of Florida, the minimum amount of that benefit is $10,000. This means that your health care insurance is not required to pay for medical care until that “PIP Benefit” has been exhausted.

The law requires you to seek care within 14 days of the accident for coverage to be granted. If care is not sought after 14 days, PIP coverage is lost.

We Will Be Your
Medical Advocate!

Florida is a “No-Fault” state, which means that no matter who is at fault, you MUST file and process the claim for vehicle damage and personal injury under your personal automobile insurance (not your health insurance).

Some people choose to be represented by an attorney who specializes in vehicle and personal injury law to help them navigate the complexities of “No-Fault” laws. However, any expert will tell you that filing the claim and seeking treatment in a timely manner is very important.

Documents We Will Need
for Your Visit
  • Driver’s License
  • Your Auto Insurance Information
    • Card (Primary)
    • Policy & Claim #
    • Insurance Adjuster Name & Contact
  • Health Insurance Card (in the event your automobile insurance benefits are exhausted)
  • If appropriate: Police Report within 48 hours of your visit (this is especially critical if you were not at fault)
  • If appropriate: Attorney Information – Name & Contact Number
What You Can Expect
From Your Visit
  • Medical evaluation, diagnostic imaging, and other tests as determined appropriate based on the accident details, your physical condition, and symptoms you may be experiencing.
  • We have an extensive in-house pharmacy so you will leave with prescriptions if needed and avoid paying out of pocket at the pharmacy.
  • If physical therapy is indicated, we set up your initial evaluation by a professional therapist who specializes in post-motor vehicle accident recovery.
  • If you have an attorney, we will coordinate with them to help expedite your claim processing so you are not responsible for charges and fees.